Domink M. Sansotta

Dominick, age 43, joined the TCG in 2008. A New York Bred through & through, he was born in Astoria, Queens, and raised in Huntington, Long Island.Today Dominick lives with his wife Kim and his three beautiful daughters: Gabrielle (17), Marissa (12) and Alexandra (8) in Cortlandt Manor, NY. Dominick began his professional career in Insurance in 1987, moving to Westchester County in 1988. He recently partnered with Keevily Spero Whitelaw and is President of their subsidiary, Keevily Coverage Group, LLC. Keevily is a third generation, full service insurance brokerage headquartered in Harrrison, NY. For more information on this family-owned independent insurance agency, contact Dominick at

With several uncles working for the New York Racing Association (NYRA) and Off Track Betting (OTB), Dominick was introduced to the Sport of Kings very early in life.

Questions & Answers with Dominick M. Sansotta:

Favorite food? “Sunday macaroni”

Favorite restaurant? "Fratelli’s in Mahopac, NY"

Two dinner guests & menu? “My two grandfathers; steak & wine”

Favorite cocktail? “Gentleman Jack neat”

Favorite movie? “The Godfather”

Favorite actor? “Robert DeNiro”

If a Movie was made about you, what would be the name of the movie and which actor would play you? “Living, Loving & Laughing, starring Cedric the Entertainer”

Favorite TV show? “Entourage”

Favorite book? “In Cold Blood”

Favorite music? “Frank Sinatra"

Favorite vacation spot? “Saratoga”

What car do you drive? “A black Avalon”

Where would you want to go but haven't been? “Italy”

Perfect day? “80 degree sunny day spent on an oceanside golf course. Cigars & cocktails included. ”

Four things you can't live without? “Family, Friends, Faith & Sports"

Four things you CAN live without? “Fast Food, Taxes, Traffic and Phony People"

Indulgence? “Wines & Cigars”

Hobbies? “Golf, Cigars, Wine & Ponies”

The last thing you bought? “Guitar Hero for Wii (my kids beat the heck out of me but I love the music!)"

First job? “Newspaper delivery”

One Word to Describe Your Life? “Fulfilling (with more to come)”

What aspect of racing appeals to you the most? “The passion of it all!”

Best horse race you ever saw? “Alydar/Affirmed Belmont Stakes 1978”

Best horse? “Secretariat"

Favorite Racetrack? “Saratoga”

Favorite Racetrack Story? “This past summer I won the triple at Belmont with my daughters, using Grandpa’s lucky numbers. And a horse with my grandmother's name came in first!"

Words of wisdom to horse owners? “Give your horse a catchy name”

Most enjoyable golf course played? “National Golf Links of America, Southampton”

What Celebrity Golfers Have you Teed-It-Up with? "None, yet"

What aspect of golf appeals to you the most? “The camaraderie & relaxation”

Dream foursome? “Tiger Woods, Rocco Mediate, John Daly & Walter Hagen”

Best golfing attribute? “Patience”

Favorite golf story? “On one of my very first games ever played, a near hole in one; I tapped in for an eagle. Haven’t come close since.”

Words of wisdom to golfers? “Transfusion instead of coffee beforehand, an enjoyable foursome, a beer & a cigar at the turn & an hour or two at the 19th hole”

Who is your favorite TGC member and why? “Mary Ryan-Hirsch…for being Bill's better half ”

Dominick and friend...

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