Jeffrey C. Crohn

Jeff Crohn, 56, joined the TGC in 2005 and is a New York bred through and through. He was born and rasied in Scarsdale and currently lives in Mt Kisco, NY, with his with Kathleen. They have two children: Nolan, 26, and Leah, 24. Jeff has a second home he calls a "small cabin" on Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks. "It is my sanctuary", Jeff exclaims. He graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, IL, in 1975 with a degree in Special Education. He obtained his Masters Degree in Special Education from Columbia University in NY City in 1976. Jeff is the director of National Sales for Joseph Blank in NY City; they are in the manufacturing business.

Jeff's very first introduction to thoroughbred horseracing took place when he attended the 1973 KY Derby. He was in the infield that day for Secretariat's famous Run for the Roses at Churchill Downs. Jeff proudly states, "I still have the program. I wish I had saved my $2 win ticket on Secretariart. Big Red went off at 3-2 odds and paid $5. I cashed the ticket so I could buy more beer!"

Questions & Answers with Jeffrey Crohn:

Favorite food? “Chinese”

Favorite restaurant? "Union Square Cafe in NYC". "

Two dinner guests? “Bill Clinton and Bush 41”

Favorite cocktail? “Potato Vodka martini, a little dirty, 3 olives”

Favorite ice cream? “Anything with Peanut Butter”

Childhood heroes? “Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, & my brother Michael ”

Favorite movie? “In the Heat of the Night”

Favorite actor? “Al Pacino"

Favorite TV show? “Mad Men; Curb Your Enthusiasm"

Favorite book genre? “Historical Novels"

Last book read? “The Good Earth"

Favorite music? “Rock n' Roll"

Favorite vacation spot? “St Johns, US Virgin Islands”

Where would you want to go but haven't been? “Alaska”

Do you have any tattoos? If so, of what and where? “None, thank God!”

What car do you drive? “My Dad's old Lincoln ”

Perfect day? “Golf at Saratoga National Golf Club, catch a few races at Saratoga Racecourse. Dinner at Doc's Steakhouse”

Indulgence? “Late night ice cream”

Ambition? “I would like to spend more time involved in the Midnight Run, a Westchester based community group that offers fellowship and support to New York's homeless. This will be a focus of mine after I leave my day job, if that ever happens!!”

Hobbies? “Cycling, Hiking”

Last vacation? “Christams week. Spent in the Adirondacks."

First job? “Catalog desk at Sears in White Plains, NY”

Four things you CAN'T live without??“My Adirondack Cabin, my bike, a good healthclub and my wife"

Four things you CAN live without??“0ur Jack Russell Terrier, John Sterling's Yankee Broadcasts, ... "

The last thing you bought? “The Special Collection Commerative Edition of Rolling Stone Magazine featuring the 500 Greatest Songs of all time.”

And the best thing you ever bought, borrowed or stole?“Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo..2nd grade"

Do you follow any other sports besides racing and golf? “Baseball”

Favorite athlete outside racing? “Jackie Robinson”

Proudest moment? “When my kids graduated college”

Greatest career moment? “Accepting my first teaching job in 1976 ”

One word to describe your life? “Satisfied”

How did you get involved in racing? “While in high school I went to Roosevelt Raceway. Bet on "names" and won $90. Thought "how easy is this"...

What aspect of racing appeals to you the most? “Handicapping a mid-card race”

Best horse race you ever saw? “All three Triple Crown races between Affirmed and Alydar”

Best horse? “Secretariat"

First horse owned? “I was a partner in the Trackmen Golf Club Stable that owned Hussonfirst. I loved it!"

Favorite racetrack? “Saratoga”

Favorite racetrack story? “Just being in the infield in 1973 and watching Secretariat beat Sham"

Words of wisdom to horse owners? “Find another hobby because it is a great way to take a lot of money and turn it into a little money"

Favorite golf story? “Being with family and friends every December in Myrtle Beach."

Most enjoyable golf course played? “Pelican Hill in Southern California "

What aspect of golf appeals to you the most? “Smoking cigars. Rest of the day drives me crazy."

Best golfing attribute? “I can hit an 8 iron...Rest of clubs tied for last."

Dream foursome? “My brother, my father and the teaching pro from Old Oaks Country Club in the 1970's in Purchase, NY"

What celebrity golfers have you teed-it-up with? “..."

Words of wisdom to golfers? “Relax and enjoy being with friends. Don't get caught up in this game"

Who is your favorite TGC member and why? “Former TGC member Jim Sheridan. One of the most special people I have ever met"

Jeffrey proudly poses with a recent trophy

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