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Cigar Mile Card • Aqueduct • 11/26/16 • $3,240 PURSE

Our twelfth and final “regular” Handicap Contest of 2016 took place on races 3-10 from Aqueduct Racetrack on the Cigar Mile Day Card. This venue drew a very competitive field of 38 wannabe 2016 Champion Handicappers that lined up in the starting gate vying for the $3,240 purse. Big time congrats to veteran Charlie Highlandof Aventura, FL, for his BIG win. He hit a bomb and won with a $200 win bet on the longshot $37.80 winner of the 7th race for mythical winnings of $3,780 and pockets $1,620 in first-place prize money winnings. He ought to be able to buy a new scooter now! Finishing second was distaffer Barbie Worswick from some place called Chuluota, FL. The matriarch of the Worswick clan hit with a $100 win and place bet on the longshot $43.60 winner of the 3rd race for mythical winnings of $2,700 which garnered her $810 in second-place prize money. Finishing third was retired NY Daily News director of sports photography Mike Lipack of East Meadow, Noo Yawk. Mike hit a $50 win bet and a $25 place bet on the winner in the 7th race for total mythical winnings of $1,162.50. This netted the shutterbug $486 in third-place prize money. Just hanging on to fourth place was Bill Hirsch (Ara Kradjian-2) from Hallandale Beach, FL. I won with a $200 win bet in the 4th race that paid $7.60 for mythical winnings of $760. That translates to $324 in fourth place prize money. There were three more qualifiers today, which helps to bulk up the pot for the Final Championship (FC) by $600. We now have 60 finalists and that translates to a net $13,200 Final Championship pot for qualified contestants only. That pot is based on the premise that all 60 qualifiers will enter the FC. Having 60 qualifiers is a 12-year record for us!

BTW, 31 of the 38 entries (82%) had NO mythical winnings. The following humiliated/humbled group of so-called Hot-Shot Handicappers all wound up with ZERO mythical earnings: Dennis D’Arcangelo, Tommy Duke, John “Clean Wheels” Herzberg, Steve “Q-Tip” Humphrey, Joe “New Dad” Muzio, Danny “Money Manager” Porciello, Bob “Hoss” Weiner and Dan Wiener. This bunch left Aqueduct with their tails between their legs!

This collection of contestants was quite an eclectic assortment with a family affair blend including father and son Dennis & Tom D’Arcangelo, lovebirds Kathy & Will Hornsby, and Dale, June & Nancy Wallo.

The Track Stewards have ordered winner Charlie Highland to be tested by the Noo Yawk Drug Testing Authority for performance enhancing substances. Our paid informant (Bob “Who” Adie) reports/leaks that the winner’s tests came back positive for Vodka Martini’s, Novocain, Butt Wart Removal Cream, residue from residue from Extra Small Condoms, Butt Plugs, Vodka, Gap Tooth Filler, Cough Syrup, Extra-Strength Hemorrhoid Cream, Tequila Shots, Bloody Mary’s and Medical Marijuana !!!...

Last year an amazing record grand total of $61,670 in pool prize money was distributed among the 55 contestants that graced the 2015 cumulative money-won list. This season $57,330 so far has been dispersed among the current 60 qualifiers for the prestigious 2016 Final Championship. If you add the $13,200, which is the pot for the FC, we will have given out a 12-year record high amount of a whopping $70,530.

Contestant Mythical
1Charlie Highland 3 $3,780 $1,620 Bombs away with a $37 winner!
2Barbie Worswick $2,700 $810 Distaffer fared well against the colts
3Michael Lipack $1,162 $486 Starting to get hot at right time of year
4Ara Kradjian 2 $760 $324 Picked up the crumbs
5Holly Luciano $520 $0 Wasn’t Lucky Luciano today!
6Kathy Hornsby $380 $0 Ms. Mudbug hung like a picture
7Ara Kradjian $150 $0 Bet on two scratched horses again?
8Bob Adie $0 $0 Former wrestler got pinned on the mat!
9Ernest Bilko $0 $0 Worried too much about the weather
10Bill Brites $0 $0 Two years now hasn’t qualified for the FC
11Terry Dintino $0 $0 Philly GOPer bounced after Trump win
12Dennis D'Arcangelo $0 $0 Faded after a half mile
13Tom D'Arcangelo $0 $0 No response, outkicked big time
14Thomas Duke $0 $0 Might have been overmatched?
15John Herzberg $0 $0 Is currently the year’s leading money winner
16Charlie Highland 1 $0 $0 Lacked needed bid thru stretch
17Charlie Highland 2 $0 $0 Other part of 3-ply entry bailed him out
18Bill Holmes 1 $0 $0 Pressured, weakened late
19Bill Holmes 2 $0 $0 Pressured, weakened late
20Jim Hom $0 $0 Had a very good year but finished slowly
21Will Hornsby $0 $0 Tracked inside, rank early; out kicked
22Steve Humphrey $0 $0 Bounced after last out win
23Justin Linch $0 $0 Was late to the paddock!
24Joe Muzio $0 $0 New Dad been changing too many diapers
25Susan Peterson $0 $0 No factor while racing wide
26Danny Porciello $0 $0 The season’s 2nd leading money winner
27Joe Prosa 1 $0 $0 Made a bid while in hand, then quit
28Joe Prosa 2 $0 $0 Is so much better than recent showings
29Gail Rogal $0 $0 Didn’t show enough cleavage!
30Kim Sansotta $0 $0 Distaffer ran erratically
31Sally Taglialatella $0 $0 Is so much better than last few?
32Robert Taylor $0 $0 Finished as far back as nuts on a cat!
33Gale Wallo $0 $0 Never got seriously involved
34June Wallo $0 $0 Couldn’t find her with a search warrant
35Nancy Wallo $0 $0 Wallo miss finished far far back
36Bob Weiner 1 $0 $0 Throwing an entry didn’t help
37Bob Weiner 2 $0 $0 “Hoss” weakened in stretch
38Dan Weiner $0 $0 Came back dinky, was vanned off

The Also-Ran contestants, all with ZERO mythical winnings, are listed alphabetically.


All racing fans may enter!
Invite your friends to enter our Handicapping Contests.
More entries greatly bolster the prize money pots!

Handicap Contest • Saturday January 7, 2017
Gulfstream Park • Hutcheson Card

Handicap Contest • Saturday January 27, 2017
Gulfstream Park • $12M Pegasus World Cup Card

Handicap Contest • Saturday March 4
Gulfstream Park • Fountain of Youth Card

Handicap Contest • Saturday April 1
Gulfstream Park • Florida Derby Card

Handicap Contest • Saturday May 6
Churchill Downs • Kentucky Derby Card

Handicap Contest • Saturday May 20
Pimlico • Preakness Card
Second Leg of the TRIPLE CROWN

Handicap Contest • Saturday June 10
Belmont Park • Belmont Stakes Card
Third Leg of the TRIPLE CROWN



Bill Hirsch $6,817
John Herzberg $3,375
Art Adie $3,041
Joan Engler $3,041
Danny Porciello $2,642
CJ Wallo $2,430
Joe Muzio $2,250
Tommy Duke $2,205
Steve Humphrey $2,115
Jim Hom $2,059
Teagan Wallo $2,029
Bill Adie $2,025
Dan Wiener $1,890
Jimmy Falcone $1,845
Ron Luciano $1,845
Reid Dugal $1,710
Judith Coffman $1,620
Charlie Highland $1,620
Ken Lang $1,485
Brian Neary $1,485
Mike Lipack $1,314
Susan Peterson $1,152
Nick Dugal $1,125
Richard Witt $1,102
Maggie Hom $1,012
Dick Remien $966
Dominick Sansotta $945
Linda Chez $922
Denny Worswick $855
Barbie Worswick $810
John Kernell $774
Will Hornsby $773
Terri Wallo $773
Leon Crimmins $763
Monte Engler $756
Steven Dugal $720
Michael Cummings $608
Earle Wallo $594
Mary Hirsch $567
Dom Taglialatella $527
Justin Linch $513
Frank Pagano $486
Lisa Dugal $461
Kathy Hornsby $461
Jimmy Dintino $375
Rob Rogal $375
Jason Walker $370
JoJo Conway $304
Bob Taylor $304
Frank Wiener $288
TOTAL $68,840

Championship Qualifying Rules: Any contestant that earns prize money in any handicapping contest in a given year automatically qualifies for that year's Championship Finale. AND any previous year's Champion Handicapper receives an automatic entry in All  Finales!   Please see contest rules below.

The Glitzy Sixty Qualifiers 2016:   *Bill Adie, Art Adie, *Bobby Chez, Linda Chez, *Phyllis Chez, Judith Coffman, *Matt Cohen, JoJo Conway, Leon Crimmins, Michael Cummings, Jimmy Dintino, *Dennis Dougherty, *Shane Drobinski, Lisa Dugal, Nick Dugal, Reid Dugal, Steven Dugal, Tommy Duke, Joan Engler, Monte Engler, Jimmy Falcone, John Herzberg, Charlie Highland, *Bill Hirsch, Mary Hirsch, Jim Hom, Maggie Hom, Kathy Hornsby, Will Hornsby, Steve Humphrey, John Kernell, *Dan Kovalesky, Ara Kradjian, Ken Lang, Justin Linch, Mike Lipack, Ron Luciano, Joe Muzio, Brian Neary, *Bob Ortleb, Frank Pagano, *Michael Paley, Susan Peterson, Danny Porciello, Dick Remien, Rob Rogal, Dominick Sansotta, Dominick Taglialatella, Bob Taylor, Jason Walker, *Christa Wallo, CJ Wallo, Earle Wallo, Teagan Wallo, Terri Wallo, Dan Wiener, Frank Wiener, Richard Witt, Barbie Worswick & Denny Worswick. (See Monthly Results below). 2016 Finale pot is $13,200 !!

*Former Grand Champions Who Automatically Qualify for All Finales:
         2006 Grand Champion Handicapper • Bob Ortleb
         2007 Grand Champion Handicapper • Bill Hirsch
         2008 Grand Champion Handicapper • Dennis Dougherty
         2009 Grand Champion Handicapper • Michael Paley
         2010 Grand Champion Handicapper • Dan Kovalesky
         2011 Grand Champion Handicapper • Matthew Cohen
         2012 Grand Champion Handicapper • Bill Adie
         2013 Grand Champion Handicapper • Bobby Chez
         2014 Grand Champion Handicapper • Shane Drobinski
         2015 Grand Champion Handicapper • Bill Adie • Phyllis Chez • Christa Wallo
         2016 Grand Champion Handicapper • Bill Hirsch
         2017 Grand Champion Handicapper • Your Name Here!


2016 Individual Contest Results

Gulfstream  02/06/16 - Season Inaugural - Donn Hdcp Card
Contestant Mythical
1Judith Coffman $1,340 $1,620 Consistent distaffer
2Susan Peterson $785 $810 Completes filly-mare exacta
3Frank Pagano $720 $486 Retired trainer was good off bench
4Monte Engler $610 $324 Back Class came out!

Gulfstream  02/27/16 - Gulfstream Park Hdcp Card
Contestant Mythical
1Dan Wiener $860 $1,890 Lucky win - via Late Scratch, Post Time Fav!
2Dom Sansotta $780 $945 Italian Stallion in a photo!
3Mary Hirsch $720 $567 Early leader got caught
4John Kernell $695 $378 Had $50 on longshot winner

Santa Anita  03/12/16 - Santa Anita Hdcp Card
Contestant Mythical
1John Herzberg $1,920 $1,440 Has regained his top form!
2Steven Dugal $1,730 $720 Hung tough
3Monte Engler $1,450 $432 Had a good day
4Fred Wiener $1,380 $288 Strong pedigree

Gulfstream Park   04/02/16 - Florida Derby Card
Contestant Mythical
1Ken Lang -Tie $1,900 $1,485 Rookie done good
1Brian Neary-Tie $1,900 $1,485 Photo couldn't separate top 2
3Earle Wallo $1,000 $594 Quick out of the gate
4John Kernell $950 $396 Rounding to form

Keeneland   04/14/16 - Lexington Card
Contestant Mythical
1Ron Luciano $2,200 $1,845 Steady sort
1Linda Chez $620 $922 Ran back to her looks
3Lisa Dugal-Tie $600 $462 Lucky gal- won on scratched horse
4Kathy Hornsby-Tie $600 $462 Mudbug knows her numbers

Churchill   05/07/16 - Kentucky Derby Card
Contestant Mythical
1CJ Wallo $1,780 $2,430 Young whipper-snapper has the pedigree
2Danny Porciello $1,740 $1,215 Sly $50 bets
3JoJo Conway-Tie $1,540 $304 Newcomer ran H-U-G-E
3Jim Hom-Tie $$1,540 $304 Rookie done good
3Dick Remien-Tie $$1,540 $304 Nice to have him back
3Bob Taylor-Tie $$1,540 $304 Rounding to form

Pimlico   05/21/16 - Preakness Card
Contestant Mythical
1Bill Adie $3,380 $2,025 H-u-g-e win coming off vet’s list
2Maggie Hom $900 $1,012 Rookie miss’s debut was awesome
3Mike Cummings $450 $608 Ran very well in a solid effort
4Mike Lipack $245 $405 Didn’t over-think it today

Belmont   06/11/16 - Belmont Stakes Card
Contestant Mythical
1Tommy Duke $3,480 $2,205 Breaks his maiden!
2Richard Witt $1,960 $1,102 Back on his game
3Richard Remien $1,700 $662 Solid veteran
4Danny Porciello $1,310 $441 Always tough

Belmont   07/09/16- Stars & Stripes
Contestant Mythical
1Jim Hom $2,920 $1,755 Having a great rookie season
2Teagan Wallo $1,240 $877 Juvenile filly ran H-U-G-E
3Dom Tagliatella $630 $527 Good guy finishes in-the-money
4Danny Porciello $217 $351 Hung on for 4th

Saratoga   08/06/16 - Whitney Card
Contestant Mythical
1Joe Muzio $11,200 $2,250 Lit up the toteboard!!
2Nick Dugal $900 $1,125 Godd pedigree
3Leon Crimmins $650 $375 Excellent debut
3Jimmy Dintino $650 $375 Always in the mix
3Rob Rogal $650 $375 Consistent runner

Saratoga   08/27/16 - Travers Card
Contestant Mythical
1John Herzberg $1,260 $1,935 Sharp victory
2Will Hornsby-Tie $1,110 $773 Mudbug is consistent
2Terry Wallo-Tie $1,100 $773 Excellent pedigree
4Leon Crimmins $880 $388 Keeps up to par

Belmont Park   09/17/16 - Sands Point
Contestant Mythical
1Jim Falcone $2,920 $1,845 Hit the jackpot!
2Art Adie - Tie $2,160 $737 Gutsy performance
2Joan Engler - Tie $2,160 $737 Distaffer proved her worth
4Jason Walker $1,820 $370 Rookie was right there

Belmont Park   10/08/16 - Super Saturday
Contestant Mythical
1Reid Dugal $630 $1,710 Precocious juvenile
2Denny Worswick $470 $855 Crown Royal for everyone!
3Justin Linch $300 $513 Backs into this on a scratched horse
4Susan Peterson $101 $342 Small winnings gets her on-the-board

Santa Anita   11/05/16 - Breeders' Cup
Contestant Mythical
1Steve Humphrey $2,680 $2,115 Will celebrate with some fine wine
2Bill Hirsch $1,100 $1,057 Will pop some cheap corks tonite!
3Danny Porciello $577 $635 New betting strategy worked
4Michael Lipack $240 $423 Picked up the crumbs

Aqueduct   11/26/16 - Cigar Mile Card
Contestant Mythical
1Art Adie (Charlie Highland) $3780 $1620 Bombs away winner!!
2Barbie Worswick $2700 $810 Distaffer fared well against colts
3Mike Lipack $1162 $486 Getting hot at the right time
4Bill Hirsch (Ara Kradjian) $1140 $495 Picked up the crumbs

PLEASE NOTE: We deduct $100 from scheduled 2017 Handicapping Contests and add it to the Final Championship purse, which is now at $na. The 2017 Grand winner, in addition to the much coveted bragging rights, takes home the beautiful engraved polished pewter horse trophy pictured above.


Previous Annual Money Winners

2016 Winnings
Bill Hirsch $6,817
John Herzberg $3,375
Art Adie $3,041
Joan Engler $3,041
Danny Porciello $2,642

2015 Winnings
Bill Adie $5,085
Phyllis Chez $4,826
Christa Wallo $3,735
Michael Cummings $3,082
Dan Wiener $2,799

2014 Winnings
Shane Drobinski $6,615
Dick Remien $3,780
Ara Kradjian $3,150
Dennis D'Arcangelo $2,767
Charlie Highland $2,756

2013 Winnings
Bobby Chez $5,888
John Herzberg $5,289
Jack Fenton $4,950
Bill Brites $4,096
Linda Chez $3,087

2012 Winnings
Michael Paley $7,119
Dick Remien $5,568
Bill Adie $3,830
Earle Wallo $3,420

2011 Winnings
Jimmy Fenton $6,210
Art Adie $5,152
Matt Cohen $4,905
Eloitt Wells $3,078

2010 Winnings
Eliott Wells $5,155
Dan Kovalesky $5,150
Bob Fenton $4,210
Jimmy Fenton $3,350

2009 Winnings
Michael Paley $3,700
George Beglin $2,855
Dennis Worswick $2,500
Elliot Wells $2,450

2008 Winnings
Bill Hendershaw $5,340
Dennis Dougherty $3,400
Dennis D'Arcangelo $2,780
George Beglin $2,700

2007 Winnings
George Beglin $2,575
Bill Hendershaw $1,985
Bill Hirsch $1,945
Ken DeMarinis $1,940

2006 Winnings
Bob Ortleb $1,512
Paul Fagan $1,312
Danny Porciello $1,235
Steve Humphrey $1,187


Contest Rules

A. Handicapping Contest is open to all racing fans, at arbiter's discretion. Entry fee is $100 per person. Each and every contestant is allowed to enter multiple times at $100 per person/entry, but there still will be only one contest pool. ALL entries are Off-Track. NOTE: A contestant may enter multiple times under an alias.

B. Any contestant(s) whose entry fee(s) does not arrive by the declared due date may be subject to a $50 penalty. This penalty must be paid before said contestant(s) may enter another contest.

C. Contest purse payouts will be awarded to the first four finishers as follows: 50% to the Winner, 25% to Second, 15% to Third and 10% to Fourth. 10% of all contest purse monies shall be withheld for the House.

D. Win and/or Place bets only. Bets must be a $10 minimum or higher. Only one (1) Win and/or one (1) Place bet may be made for each race. Example: no multiple win and no multiple place bets in a given race.

E. Any one (1) or some or all designated 8 races may be bet and any amount may be bet within the total $200 allotted. If you wager $200 on the first designated race, you will have reached your limit and, Win or Lose, you cannot wager on the remaining 7 races; you would be finished for the day. If you wager $20 on each of the first 5 designated races (total $100) you would have $100 left to wager on the remaining 3 designated races.

F. All contestants are required to submit their bets using the horse�s race number, wager amount & type, and the official program number as the betting format indicates. If a contestant submits his bet(s) without the official program number and only the horse's name, his bets may be denied and that contestant will forfeit his entry fee(s). A contestant's bet(s) will be accepted if both the horse's name AND the corresponding official program number are submitted. In such an instance, we will only record the official program number. All contestants are responsible for the correct submission of their bets' official program numbers.

G. A "Late Scratch": A WIN Wager on the Post-Time Favorite will be substituted for a "Late Scratch" contest entry. If a "Late Scratch" occurs in a contest entry (1 & 1A, etc) and the other half of the entry runs for purse money only (no betting), then a corresponding win wager on the Post-Time Favorite will be substituted for your "Late Scratch" contest entry.

H. In the event that wagering on a designated race is reduced to "win" only (where there is no "place" wagering available), a contestant's "place" wagers will automatically be transferred from "place" into a "win" bet, with the following 2 stipulations: First, if there is no previous "win" bet, then the same wager amount transferred from "place" to "win" will be with the same horse-program-# previously wagered in the "place" position. Second, if there is a previous "win" bet, then the heretofore "place" horse-program-# will assume the established "win" number, whether or not the "place" number is the same or different from the "win" number, and the "place" amount will be added to the "win" amount. Note that the rule previously established re: a "late scratch" and the utilization of the "race-time-favorite" (see Rule "G") will still prevail for this "win" only mutuel situation.

I. All contestants must have their pick(s) called in/emailed/faxed to Bill or Mary Hirsch by the designated time selected for that day. Wagers from contestants that are received after the designated time will not be accepted and that contestant(s) will forfeit his entry fees. If a contestant fails to submit any wagers, he will forfeit his entry fees. NOTE: A contestant may withdraw from a contest only if done before the designated deadline selected for said contest.

J. When a contestant sends his bets to Bill Hirsch prior to the designated deadline-to-submit-bets-time, they shall be deemed "Final". However, any changes will be accepted before the designated deadline.

K. Tie- Breaker: After the Handicapping Contest's final race, in the case of players with identical total winnings, then 1st Tie-Break will be the highest WIN bet total (s) for all races. 2nd Tie-Break will be the highest bet winnings (win and/or place) for any one (1) race. Any further Tie-Break needed will result in an equal split.

L. If racing is cancelled at any point on the day's card, our contest will be cancelled and a full refund for all contestants will be forthcoming in the form of a Credit towards the next contest entered.

M. Bill Hirsch may enter this contest. In accordance with the rules, his race wagers must be sent to contestants by the designated time for that day.

N. Should the home(s) of Bill Hirsch or anyone else that is running this handicap contest succumb to an Act of God, or be broken into and robbed and the envelope containing the handicap contest entry fee monies be stolen or destroyed, Bill Hirsch or those other individuals running the handicap contests shall not be responsible for the stolen monies and the handicap contest shall be deemed cancelled with no refunds.

O. A qualified Finale contestant may have only one (1) named entry in the Finale Play Off contest, regardless of how many contests he or she may have won thruout that year. NOTE: Use of an Alias is allowed thruout the year.

P. If a contestant places a bet on a program number of a horse that was not entered in that race, said contestant forfeits that bet.

Q. In any contest where there are not four (4) in-the-money finishers, all (remaining) purse monies will be divided among those contestants who did finish in-the-money, with the same percentage proportions that govern all contests: 50% to winner, 25% to second, 15% to third and 10% to fourth. In any contest that produces only one (1) winner with mythical earnings, said contestant will win the entire pool. In any contest that does not produce any mythical winnings, all purse monies will be credited back to all entrants in said contest, less the standard 10% deduction for the House as stated in Rule C.

R. The winner of any Handicap Contest Final Championship shall be responsible for payment of said winner's engraved bowl and related shipping costs. The total approximate amount is $150.

NOTE: Bill Hirsch will be the sole and final Arbiter for conflict resolution.

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