Daniel John Wiener

Dan, 35, joined the Trackmen Golf Club (TGC) with his father, Fred, in the spring of 2011. He was introduced to TGC Director Bill Hirsch through his good friend and business partner Frank Pagano, also a TGC member. Dan and his beautiful wife Stacey reside in Fort Lee, NJ. The couple just celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary September 17th of 2011! Dan says “The last five years have been a dream. I never imagined I would have met someone that makes me so happy”. They met one fate filled weekend on the night before Memorial Day a little over 8 years ago on Long Beach Island, NJ. This Long Island guy just happened to be visiting the Jersey Shore with friends who wanted a change from the Hampton’s scene. It’s a good thing they did, because three years and thousands of round trip miles later, the two love birds were married and moved into a little house just a stone’s throw from the George Washington Bridge. Dan attended St. Dominic High School in Oyster Bay, NY and then SUNY Albany where he studied Criminal Justice and Sociology. It was during summers spent in Albany that Dan fell in love with the Sport of Kings. “I had a good friend in college whose aunt was one of the people who woke up at 4am to claim a picnic table in Saratoga backyard. She was a really cool lady who also gave us great racing tips that actually paid off!”, Dan explains. His aunt used to say, “Jockey Shane Sellers brings in the long shots”. Dan adds, “That might have seemed obvious to most people, but to me and my buddy she was like Nostradamus and I’ll never forget it. I’d put aside about $25 bucks a week from my minimum wage job in Albany for Friday’s at the track after an early class. I remember how excited I used to get driving up the Northway. Back then it seemed like the ride from Albany to Saratoga was a heck of a lot longer then 25 minutes or so”. Dan returns to Saratoga for about 4 days every summer with his father, brother, brother-in-law and four uncles for the Annual Wiener Golf and Track Pilgrimage. They always make time for a lakeside barbeque with their gracious host Mr. Pagano. “There is a special place in my heart for Saratoga. I still get butterflies in my stomach when I drive up Union Ave towards the track. I have a lot of fond memories of the place and hope to gather many more throughout my lifetime. The most recent was the day my wife saw our filly for the first time. It was also Stacey's first trip to Saratoga and she fell in love with the both of them”, Dan exclaims. The "filly" is Notesfromabroad, our NY-bred 2-year-old in training with Lady TGCer Linda Rice. We also have a NY-Bred colt, Pray for Rain, with Rice. Dan, his father and Frank Pagano are all partners in Trackmen Golf Club Stables XVIII & XIX, LLCs. By the way, Dan was the partner that submitted the winning name, Notesfromabroad...perhaps Dan is our Nostradamus!

Dan grew up on Long Island in Seaford, NY and is the youngest of three children. He has an older brother and sister who together have three beautiful children, Dan’s nieces and nephew, Caleigh, Julia and Logan. “My family is my whole world. I would do anything for any one of them and I absolutely love spending time in their company. My Mom and Dad taught me the importance of family and I’m lucky to have grown up in such a caring environment with such smart people to teach me strong values. These are the qualities that I share with my wife and that is why I love her so much. She has similar relationships with her brother and parents. We are both extremely fortunate”. Dan and Stacey love to travel and spend time in the wine country. Whether it’s on Long Island’s North Fork or in Napa Valley, CA, they cherish the moments spent in the country meeting great people and tasting great food and wine. Dan is an avid sports fan and a die-hard Yankees and Giants fan. And of course, like most TGCers, when he gets the time he loves a little golf and/or a trip to the race track!!

Today Dan works in Garden City as a Commercial Real Estate Broker and Advisor with a company called Integrated Realty Group, LLC. Dan recently founded IRG with his partner and fellow TGCer Frank Pagano. IRG specializes in the representation of Tenants and Landlords for the sales and leasing of office, industrial, retail and/or mixed-use properties. Whether you are an executive looking for a new corporate headquarters for your fortune 500 company or you are the owner of an industrial building seeking a local business to rent your warehouse space, Dan and his team at IRG can help. IRG also works very closely with construction, management and architectural firms so that they can offer their clients a wide variety of industry related services, through these alliances. “In today’s economic climate, it is more important than ever before to understand how each and every aspect of a real estate transaction can affect your companies’ bottom line and future goals. My team has a history of proven success substantiated by repeat business and referrals from some of the wealthiest companies on Long Island and around the world” Dan explains. As a result of his hard work and diligence in the Long Island marketplace, Dan was recently awarded the “Rising Star” award and elected to the Associate Board of Directors by his peers in the Commercial Industrial Brokers Society.

Questions & Answers with Dan Wiener:

Birthdate? “12/11/75”

Nickname? “D or Uncle D to some”

Childhood Hero? “Michael Jordan, Dad or my brother Chris when he wasn’t rolling me up in the carpet!”

Favorite food? “My wife’s Chicken Parm”

Favorite restaurant? "Café Panache in Ramsey, NJ"

Three dinner guests? “Bono, Conan O’Brien and Bill Clinton ”

Favorite cocktail? “Extra Dirty Martini”

Favorite ice cream? “The Stracciatella I had in Zurich at Movenpick ”

Favorite movie? “Groundhog Day or Gladiator, depending on my mood ”

Favorite actor? "Bill Murray or Russell Crowe. I also love Jack (no last name needed)."

If a Movie was made about you, what would be the name of the movie and which actor would play you? “Matt Damon, because he’s not afraid to gain a couple pounds for a role. The name of the film is to be determined. Literally it will be called “To be Determined”

Favorite TV show? “Still Seinfeld, but I must say that Boardwalk Empire is a really cool show."

Favorite book genre? “I enjoy historical non-fiction "

Last book read? “ John Adams by David McCullough"

Favorite music? “U2"

Favorite vacation spot? “Hawaii”

Last vacation? “ Disney World with my friends and their kids”

Where would you want to go but haven't been? “Italy”

Do you have any tattoos? If so, of what and where? “No tattoos (yet) ”

What car do you drive? “Honda Accord. Sometimes my wife let’s me drive our Pilot.”

Perfect day? “One of the 5 days on my honeymoon spent in Kauai. The one where I played golf in the morning….etc.”

Ambition? “Total world domination and I’d like to purchase a vacation home in Saratoga Springs someday.”

Indulgence? “An occasional fine cigar”

Hobbies? “Golf, wine tasting, horse racing, running. In no particular order ”

First job? “Loews Movie Theater after the paper route ”

One thing you CAN'T live without? “Coffee"

One thing you CAN live without? “My commute on a Friday in the summer "

The last thing you bought? “¼ of a share of a racehorse in the Trackmen Golf Club Stable XIX, LLC. The horse is Pray for Rain and he’s in training at Belmont Park with Lady TGCer Linda Rice.”

And the best thing you ever bought, borrowed or stole? “My wife’s engagement ring, but I also really like my Ping Eye 2 Irons. The best and only thing I ever stole was a Motley Crew T-Shirt in the 8th grade, the Dr. Feelgood Tour."

Do you follow any other sports besides racing and golf? “Love all sports. Follow Baseball and Football the most”

Favorite athletes outside racing? “As a Yankee Fan - Derek Jeter, but I also admire Drew Brees ”

Proudest moment? “ My Wedding Day”

One word to describe your life? “Fun”

Greatest Career Moment? “The day I found out my first big deal was signed. About a year and a half later, I actually got paid.”

How did you get involved in racing? “College trips to Saratoga Racecourse”

What aspect of racing appeals to you the most? “The camaraderie"

Best horse race you ever saw? Notesfromabroad on August 7th, 2011. Cause she’s mine (partially).”

Best horse? “Secretariat"

Favorite racetrack? “Saratoga Racecourse”

If you could name a race for anybody, who would it be and why? “ My Grandfather, Francis Xavier Feeley. He was a great man.”

Favorite racetrack story? “ I won $880 on a $2 Exacta Box at Aqueduct Racetrack when I was around 20 years old. I bet the gray horse with the pink sox and the other really long shot. It paid my college rent for 3 months."

Words of wisdom to horse owners? “Like Bill Hirsch says, “Just have fun”

Most enjoyable golf course played? “Colonial in Williamsburg, VA. It was my best round. Shot 80."

What aspect of golf appeals to you the most? “Constantly striving to improve and beat your best score, being outside; all of it."

Best golfing attribute? “I’m pretty good at finding lost balls and hitting trouble shots"

Dream foursome? “Michelson, Jordan, Murray and Me"

What celebrity golfers have you teed-it-up with? “Pope John Paul II"

Favorite golf story? “The time I played with Pope John Paul II (kidding)….Actually it just happened. I made an eagle on the first hole at Panther Valley Country Club in New Jersey. It was a par 5, about 515 yards. I hit two perfect shots and made a miraculous downhill put from about 30 feet away. The next hole was a par 3 about 150 yards, I shot a 6. I was one over after two holes with an eagle!"

Words of wisdom to golfers? “Like Bill Hirsch says “Just have fun” "

Who is your favorite TGC member and why? “My Dad, Fred Wiener, because he lends me money sometimes. Just kidding, he knows why he’s my favorite"

Dan proudly poses with his 2 favorite fillies:
Notesfromabroad   & his wife, Stacey

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