Steve Tomaselli

Steve, 53, joined the TGC in 2008. He and his lovely wife Jeannie, his high school girlfriend, live in Franklin Square, Long Island, NY. Steve exclaims, “It was my greatest day - marrying my high school sweetheart”. They have three children: Laura, 24, a graduate of Loyola University now working in advertising and living in NY City; Christina, 22, also a graduate of Loyola now attending Molloy for nursing, and Steve, 19, a sophomore at Salve Regina in Newport, RI, who is also a member of the football team. Tomaselli is a New York-Bred thru and thru, born and raised on Long Island, NY, in Franklin Square where he resides today. “I didn’t stray far from the nest”, he jokes. He attended Carey High School where he played football when their team won the Rutgers Cup in his senior year in 1974. The team went undefeated at 9-0 with seven shutouts. Steve graduated from Bowling Green State University in Ohio in 1979 with a BA Degree in construction engineering.

Currently Steve is president and founder of Tomaselli Construction with offices in Brooklyn and Franklin Square, NY. "I'm a commercial, industial builder serving the Tri-State Area with offices in Brooklyn & Long Island."The company bio states, “We are a construction company driven by a commitment in achieving the goals set forth by our clients. Structured to provide cost efficient quality construction through a professional project management approach. Tomaselli Construction is a full service construction company providing general contracting, construction management, design and consulting services in the commercial, industrial and residential markets. We are fully insured and licensed in NY, NJ and FL". Following 12 years of successful construction administration, management and supervision with two large national construction firms, Steve formed the Tomaselli Construction Company in 1991. "Built on the philosophy of team approach to a project, we have cultivated long standing relationships with subcontractors and craftsmen who exhibit the same high quality of service as we provide to our clients. For the past 19 years we can proudly state our approach to construction, the quality of our personal, and our proven track record has consistently resulted in successful projects”. You can contact Steve’s company at 718.797.3985 or via email

Steve is a die-hard NY Giants fan and has season tickets in the south end zone field level 26 rows up. “We have a great view of the game from that vantage point and can watch the plays develop. This year was our 5th opening day. We make it a day-long event gand get to the stadium early, tailgating before and after the games”, Steve adds. In addition to football, Tomaselli is a staunch fan of thoroughbred horseracing. His first introduction to the "ponies" was when he was sixteen and had just gotten his drivers license. He used to drive his grandfather to the OTB parlor in Hempstead. His grandfather would tell the family, “I am going to pay my phone bill”. But Steve proudly admits, "The phone company was across the street from the OTB parlor. I knew what he was doing in the OTB!"

Questions & Answers with Steve Tomaselli:

Birthdate? “February 20, 1957”

Nickname? Tomo (short for Tomaselli)”

Childhood Hero? “Roberto Clemente”

Favorite food? “My cooking, most notably my Macaroni Sunday Sauce, my home made Gnocchis & Meatballs. My culinary skills have been written up in the Long Island Newsday newspaper. ”

Favorite restaurant? "Becco’s in NYC & Steve's Piccola Bussola in Westbury".

Three dinner guests? “ Vince Lombardi, George Patton & Frank Sinatra”

Favorite cocktail? “Grey Goose Martini on the rocks with olives”

Favorite ice cream? “Chocolate”

Favorite movie? “Godfather”

Favorite actor? “Edward G. Robinson"

Favorite TV show? “Curb Your Enthusiasm "

Favorite book genre? “Spy, History Novels, Football Bios"

Last book read? “The Lion, by Nelson DeMille"

Favorite music? “Rolling Stones, The Who & Frank Sinatra"

Favorite vacation spot? “Italy”

Where would you want to go but haven't been? “Grand Canyon”

Do you have any tattoos? If so, of what and where? “None, so far”

What car do you drive? “Nissan Murano”

Perfect day? “Go to the beach with the Daily Racing Form, do some handicapping; go into NYC to see a play and have dinner at Becco’s.”

Ambition? “To pay off my kid’s college loans”

Indulgence? “Pizza”

Hobbies? “Golf, Horseracing, Softball (I still play on a softball team)”

Last vacation? “Newport Beach, California"

First job? “Field engineer for John W. Ryan Construction Company. The project was the Loral Electronics Headquarters in Yonkers, NY.”

One thing you CAN'T live without??“My dog! A 14 year-old yellow lab named Summer."

One thing you CAN live without??“The traffic going into Brooklyn everyday "

The last thing you bought? “Red & White Wine”

And the best thing you ever bought, borrowed or stole?“Super Bowl XV Tickets"

Do you follow any other sports besides racing and golf? “Baseball, Football & Winter Olympics”

Favorite athletes outside racing? “Eli Manning & Derek Jeter”

Proudest moment? “Marrying my wife who was my high school sweetheart ”

One word to describe your life? “Very Satisfying”

Greatest Career Moment? “In the construction business it is always great to “top off” a new building. Some of the buildings I have topped off include Loral Electronics Headquarters, Computer Associates Headquarters, General Accident Headquarters and the Trolley House, an apartment house complex in Brooklyn where one of my offices is located.”

How did you get involved in racing? “Thru my grandfather"

What aspect of racing appeals to you the most? “Handicapping"

Best horse race you ever saw? “I like them all”

Best horse? “Sunday Silence"

Favorite racetrack? “Saratoga”

If you could name a race for anybody, who would it be and why? “The Jeannie Tomaselli Stakes”

Favorite racetrack story? “Any winning day"

Words of wisdom to horse owners? “Be kind to your horse and he’ll be kind to you"

Favorite golf story? “Winning closest-to-the pin at the Bridges of NY Golf Outing 2 years in a row."

Most enjoyable golf course played? “Engineers Golf Club in Manhasset, NY "

What aspect of golf appeals to you the most? “The Outdoors"

Best golfing attribute? “Whatever is working that day"

Dream foursome? “Ernie Els, Miguel Ángel Jiménez, Phil Mickelson and me"

What celebrity golfers have you teed-it-up with? “Charlie Jesel, famous biker"

Words of wisdom to golfers? “Have fun!"

Who is your favorite TGC member and why? “Lady TGCer Linda Rice. She trains Trackmens Star owned by our Trackmen Golf Club Stable XVI, LLC. I own a piece of him and was at the Saratoga sale when we bought him. "

Steve proudly poses with trainer Linda Rice

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